One stopenter to Russian market
International experience with Russian roots will make our partnership as comfortable and easy as a bubble bath.
Concept development
Our team is creating new amusement experiences in Russia, China, Qatar and Mauritius. Right at this moment.
Giantroller coasters
Some of the giant roller coasters were installed in parks, but never launched due to fatal project management flaws and lack of market knowledge.
Startup team
The core operational team must start its work not later than 1 year before the scheduled opening of the park.
Procedures and regulations
It is necessary to prepare on average up to 2000 standard procedures and regulations before the first guest arrival to amusement park or entertainment center.
Requirementsfor development
Drawing up an assignment for the development of an entertainment venue without the participation of experts with practical experience in operating of similar facilities inevitably leads to delay in the opening by 1-3 years.
Manufacturers schedule
The production schedule of the most famous producers of impressive and high-quality rides and attractions is busy for 2-3 years in advance.
Operational flaws
More than 50% of ​​attractions are operated with violations of mandatory safety standards, which means they carry huge risks for their owners and first of all guests.
Innovations are the key
Still using trampolines, rope mazes and dark rides from the 80"s? The market will likely leave you on the sidelines of success over the next year.
Who we are
About as
"Our mission is to make people happy by transforming dreams into real stories told in the language of sincere emotions and breathtaking technologies."
The team
We are a team of like-minded people dedicated to the most advanced entertainment technologies, unique guest experiences, attractions and theme parks.
Practice, practice and practice
For 10 years we have been inventing, creating, discovering, managing and sharing our experience and knowledge around the world.
Why us
Our values
We definitely know how: the only ones who made full-fledged theme parks in complex markets. Such us Russia.
Our international experience is enhanced by our knowledge of the Russian market. It's practical and efficient!
We love to create magic, but we're not fake magicians: we do not offer concepts that we could not implement with our own hands.
We are practitioners: you will never hear from us only what you want to hear. You will hear how everything will actually be.
We have a very friendly international network with the best attractions vendors and products and services producers for all kind of entertainment venues.
Today every student can make an impressive presentation, while media, architecture and design specialists will draw your dream in detail. The small thing is that they don't know how to make your unique dream come true. We know.
With us you will save money even before you start spending.
What we do
Our services
Concepts development
We develop concepts for theme parks and entertainment venues.
Redesign and upgrade
Redesign and development of existing projects.
Brand development
We create a brand of an entertainment venue and its individual elements.
Feasibility report
We find a way how to impress and convince investors and all the stakeholders.
We develop themes and legends for the venues.
Business plans
We translate dreams into numbers and specific action plans.
Detailed planning
Step by step operational and launch planning.
Rides and attractions list
We select attractions and negotiate with the world's leading manufacturers.
Our projects
Sochi Park
Sochi, Russia
The first theme park in Russia. Top-25 best amusement parks in Europe.
1 mln. guests in the first year of operations.
25 hectares
21 rides and attractions
Angry Birds World
Doha, Qatar
The first full fledged Angry Birds theme park in the world.
7 000 guests a day.
22 000 sq. m
20 rides&attractions
Doha, Qatar
Qatar's first video game and eSports
capital. Up to 1 000 guests a day, 200 game
stations, 4 escape rooms.
3500 sq. m
10 attractions
Snow Dunes
Doha, Qatar
The first family snow park
in the Middle East. Up to 3000 guests a day.
4 800 sq. m
City Of The Future
Moscow, Russia
The first hi-tech theme park
in Moscow. 2 mln. guests a year.
17,7 hectares
13 rides&attractions